Hero (herogear) wrote in parallel_fic,

The Real Deal

So I figure I need to shoot this by the Contingency and figure out what you guys think.

Long story short, I started an artist group on campus to get other LB artists off their asses and to work. This has been a good idea - up until one of the girls showed interest in me. This would not be a bad thing except 1) she's insane and 2) she doesn't believe in herself and lacks the maturity to do anything positive for her life, thus making no.1 a HUGE problem.

Long story short, this is Em all over again and I see it a mile away.

So I tell her I'm not interested, that I'd rather be friends...but she's still quite...clingy. And I don't want her to think that she can make me like her that way, or that she can persist and wriggle her way into my affections. But by the same hand, I already told her once and if this is what I think it is (persistence), next time I'm gonna have to let her down HARD. And I already know a multitude of problems will come from that. But the girl's gotta learn and grow up, I suppose. And I know that I have genuine concern and care for her - just nothing downright romantic.

Then she finds my LJ. That's why you don't see my usual nonsense posting and musings.

Anywho, it's bugging the hell out of me and I know what to do...but I had to vent this one out. Blah.
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