Hero (herogear) wrote in parallel_fic,

Exposition - Elliot

Strength is in compassion, not in force. People think that helping those around you is a sign of weakness - that one must truly stand on his own in order to gain real strength.

These are the words of fools - men who don't know the true meaning of strength.

To show campassion is much more difficult path that copmplete oppression. To give of oneself not for some cause, but for those around you. To protect not on a rhetoric or for the self, but to carry those who, for that moment can't carry themselves. THAT is strength.

Or should I say, not strength so much as volition. Because strength would be the will in which one carries out this task, wouldn't it? If you want to help people yet have not the confidence, the will, the sheer desire to do so, then aren't all your charities merely empty wishes? Maybe it's the first way then - that compassion IS strength, and will is volition. Of course - by mere definition violition IS will, isn't it?

I don't know - lately, I've been working in the First Division and questioning. Wondering...are we really helping anyone? I was told we'd be weeding out corruption, saving humanity behind the scenes...but more and more I feel as if I'm fighting for the ambition of one. For his agendas and his vision of utopia for people, with him conveniently placed on top. THAT is not strength - to force the ideal of perfection on those who may not accept it. That is conformity; subjugation.


Though who do I trust to bring these worries to? Ryx, Jade, and Rei have been here as long as I - they may be able to offer some insight. It's strange; I can't sit by and be a tool any longer, if for a cause I don't believe in. If I can't be used for what is right, I refuse to be used.
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