Fievel The Wonder Mouse (fmousekawitz) wrote in parallel_fic,
Fievel The Wonder Mouse

Broken Bottle Productions Part 2

Josh stood in front of the rack at the Tower Records, hopelessly lost in indecision. Melody walked up behind him.
“Let’s go.”
“I don’t know which one to get.”
“Just pick one and let’s go.”
He put one of the CDs back and started walking in the opposite direction, away from the registers.
“Where are you going?”
“You said ‘let’s go.’ You didn’t say where. Now I’m going over here. Oh! Ace of Spades is on sale!”
“Ace of Base? Don’t tell me you’re going to buy that?”
“Not Ace of Base, Ace of Spades. You know, Motorhead?”
“Oh. Yeah, well you don’t need anything else. Let’s just go.”
As they walked down the aisle, Josh espied another CD he wanted.
“Goddamn it Melody.”
“Now I’m going to have to get this. All because you said ‘let’s go’ but didn’t specify where.”
“What the hell are you talking about?”
“It’s all your fault!”
“Yeah, whatever.”
“No, I’m serious. You’re like, the worst platonic life partner ever.”
Melody laughed. “Shut up and pay for your shit.”
Josh walked up to a register and Melody got in line behind him.
“You’re a horrible, horrible person.”
The checker laughed and looked at Melody. “Well now, I don’t know if I can take any horrible people. There’s actually nobody in line on number 4 though.”
Melody walked over to the open check out line. “I’m going to hurt you Josh.”
“No you’re not.”
“Oh don’t think I won’t yell in the store. I’ll do it.”
The checker laughed and said, “Oh that’s fine, yell all you want. You can’t be much worse than the people who put on the headphones and sing along.”
Melody looked at him. “Oh, you don’t believe me do you?” She reached into her belt buckle and pulled out a pair of automatic pistols. “Maybe you’ll believe me now?”
She pulled the triggers and a spray of gunfire ripped through the store. Panicked customers dropped to the floor, screaming. Several weren’t quick enough to duck and were hit by stray bullets. The checker was cut in half by the initial burst. When the clips emptied, Melody released them and slammed in fresh ones.
“Loud enough now aren’t I, fucker? Huh? Now I’m real fucking loud. I told you let’s go Josh. Now fucking look!”
Guns reloaded she spun around with the guns held out, elbows locked, and fired at random. All the while, Josh just stood at the register, leaning on the counter and staring on.
The second clips finally ran out and Melody holstered the weapons. Josh looked at her with a cocked eyebrow.
“You done?”
“All right then.” He picked up his CDs and walked toward the door. Melody did the same. As they got outside of the record store, Josh stopped and looked up at the night sky. Melody stood next to him.
He slowly turned and angled his head down and smiled a wicked grin.
“You missed me.”
“Fuck you!” Melody punched his arm and they walked out from in front of the building.
“So,” Melody said, looking sideways at Josh. “Where next?”
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