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The country of Altair is situated on the smallest land mass of the Realm. The country's history started prosperously - with only a small amount of space to actually govern and rich natural resources at their disposal, it was easy to push ahead in the international view without spreading resources too thin.

This is changing though, as Altair's resources are growing thin and they're switching from an emphasis in raw materials providers into a service-oriented economy. However the spectres of Altair's golden age loom; monolithic factories, long abandoned, stretch up into the sky and deny it to most of its inhabitants. Being so mechanically minded in the old days, Altair's cities were only divided up according to the industries they were in charge of. It' basically boils down to four main provinces - West End, East End, North End and South End.

This is where our main characters, Rin, Shane and Elliot begin their story. Also where Elliot was raised.
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