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Join my Escort Service.

Over a cup of Joe (mixed with some kind of coffee and chocolate liqueur) and a conversation with my roommates about a conversation I had with my Baby Ryan (Ryan H.) I came to the conclusion that in some other universe there is a woman just like me only she's a Pimptress and that if I had bigger balls, kept a few connections, and maintained it all throughout the years I would probably be that woman.

Imagine that...working for the Boys and Girls Club by day and owned my own Escort Service by night. I would pimp out all my single, male friends, or any other single men I know, and they know who they are and having sex with the client would be optional.

It all started when I suggested to Baby Ryan that I should dress up as a Pimp and he should dress up as my Hoe for Halloween. Maybe next year. A part of me really thinks I'd be good at the pimping gig. If you think about it, that would be a really good side business...who would suspect that of me? Of me? HehHE.

Imagine it, shall you? Stephanie would be my assistant, definitely. She'd help screen clientele and help hire the escorts. Stephanie would also be in charge of making sure these bitches (female clients) would get what they paid for and pay for what they get. I would also make Esther part of recruitment because she's a hot chick who can get guys (as escorts) and girls (as clients). Ryan and Shaun would help with the creative aspect of our business: websites, fliers, my office design, business cards. And they'd be in the office anyway during the "screening process."

Everyone else, hmmm...would be "pimped out." *WinK*wInk* Easy money fellas, easy money.

Lisa would be...Lisa.

Edith, of course, would have nothing to do with it except visit the office.

I know too many single guys and all they would have to do is deal with women. And I am sure the men would be very, very happy if the women clientele were hot (thus the reason why I should have maintained a few contacts in my day).

I don't think I'd hurt any guys' feelings, would I? *shrugs shoulders and smiles*

"Boys, boys, all type of boys Black, white, Puerto Rican, Chinese boys
{??} thanga thang, {??} thanga thang
Girls, girls, get that cash
If its 9 to 5 or shakin ya ass
Ain't no shame ladies, do your thang
Just make sure you ahead of tha game...
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